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Jobs You Can Do with an Architecture Degree

 10 Jobs You Can Do with an Architecture Degree

A lot of students choose not to study architecture because they believe the only job available through it is that of an architect. But this isn’t true. In reality, an architecture degree offers a plethora of professional opportunities. To prove this, we’ve made a list of the top ten jobs (other than that of an architect), which you can pursue with an architecture degree.

Building surveyor

A building surveyor’s job is to study the blueprints of recently-built properties and recommend/design changes that can make the building safer and more sustainable. Here, you don’t design the building from the ground-up, but only suggest and direct modifications.

Architectural technologist

Cities are becoming smarter these days. Already buildings are being equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. As an architectural technologist, your job will focus on developing new technologies that can make buildings greener, more comfortable, and more hi-tech.

Production designer

With an architecture degree, you can even make a foray into the film & media industry as a production designer. Here, your job will involve turning spatial design plans into realistic movie/theater sets for television.

City planner

An urban/city planner is integral to the efficient functioning of a city. Here, you will be entrusted in designing (or re-designing, as the case may be) cities that offer more space, better connectivity, greater greenery, and higher convenience to residents. With more people moving into cities and cities bursting at the seams, there is a very high demand for qualified city planners.

Interior designer or furniture designer

As an interior designer, you’ll get to completely plan the internal layout and look of a building. But, you can take this profession a step further by specializing as a furniture designer.

Your architecture degree will give you great insight into the spatial designs of different buildings. This will allow you to design comfortable, stylish, and sustainable furniture that can match the space constraints of properties being built.

Structural engineer

Another professional avenue – structural engineering. Here, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of choosing structurally strong construction materials and designing strong foundations that can withstand extensive wear & tear for years to come. You can even work as a consultant to architects, advising them about their building’s structural stability.

Historical building conservationist

Historical monuments have a special place in the world. As a conservationist, your job will involve monitoring the condition of the building and carrying out restoration work, as needed. You will also be entrusted to modernize historic places, without compromising its aesthetics.


There are many genres of art, painting, and sculpture, where an architecture degree helps. This technical knowledge will add great value in bringing to life beautiful artworks.

Architecture photographer

Architecture photography is an upcoming field that’s getting a lot of takers these days. Having a degree in architecture will help you take better photographs that showcase the building in a better light. You can work in magazines, with websites, and even property development companies, taking professional photos for them.


Finally, if academic is something you enjoy, then an architecture degree is a great option to become a teacher of architecture.

Three important steps to do after completing your degree

Apply for an internship

Work with a reputed company and get the mandatory number of working hours, as required by the NCARB.

Get licensed by the NCARB

Pass the ARE® 5.0 examination and get the NCARB-approved architect license. Apply for regional licenses, as necessary, to work in the jurisdiction of your choice.

Get covered by professional liability insurance for architects

Purchase architect liability insurance and protect yourself from claims of negligence, omissions, and mistakes in service provision. This insurance is an excellent way to protect yourself, your business, and the brand image you have built. To learn more about or to buy liability insurance for architects and engineers, check here.

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